IMG_3150-e1383267787189As I got ready for camming on Halloween, I knew I wanted to dress in costume rather than the usual lingerie. Then I remembered that last year I was sent a little red riding hood costume. I dressed. Turned on the cam. Sat around waiting for someone to decide to join me. Puffing away at my vape pen.

**Alert: ____ joined your room**

He’s a regular member. He loves my sass. Needs me to be a Domme.

Member: “You look as beautiful as ever, Heaven.”

Heaven: “Aww… thank you. In for the usual today?”

Member: “You know it. Sending over my tokens now.”

**Alert: Member has sent you 2700 Tokens.**

I set the room to private. Pulled down my top. Exposing my breast. Twirling my fingers around my nipples until they were hard.

Heaven: “You can’t cum until I do. I’m gonna take my time. Make you watch. You just stroke your dick and hold back your cum until I say you can cum.”

Member: “Yes, Ma’am. You already have me hard. I wish I could taste your cum.”

I reached over for my Mona. Turned her on. Squirted some lube on the end and laid back. Hiked up my Skirt. rubbing my lubed fingers on my pussy. Parting my lips. Slipped Mona inside. I slide my other hand up my chest. Cupped the bottom of my breast and pitched my nipple, lightly. I slowly popped Mona in and out my my pussy. Squeezing my kegels around her. Feeling the vibrations travel throughout my body. I was close to cumming, but I stopped. Pulled Mona out of my pussy and licked her clean before inserting her again. Feeling the buildup of my orgasm and anticipating it again.

Member: “I love when you lick your pussy juice off your toys. Makes me so hard.”

Heaven: “I’m not doing this for you. This is for me. I am the one whose gonna cum. You just focus on keeping your dick hard.”

I started rocking Mona more quickly. Thrusting her with force. Pressing her hard against my Gs-pot. I could feel my juice moistening my thighs. My body was flooded with this tingling feeling. The heels of my feet warmed. Behind my knees began to sweat. I screamed as my orgasm pulsated through my pussy. Biting my lip as I caught my breath.

Member: “I’m getting close. Am I allowed to cum?”

Heaven: “Did I say you could cum? Just focus. Just because I had one orgasm doesn’t mean I am done.”

I pulled up my top. Pulled down my skirt and covered my pussy. Reaching for my Hitachi. Turning it on and pushing against it without showing him anything.

Heaven: “Don’t you cum before I do. Once I cum. You can cum, but only once I cum.”

Slightly numb from cumming before. It took longer for me to get the feeling back. I rocked my hips. Rolling my body toward the Hitachi. Grinding against it. Waiting for my orgasm to hit.

Member: “I’m so close.”

Heaven: “You heard what I said. Don’t cum until I cum again.”

Member: “I don’t know if I can hold it.”

Heaven: “You better.”

I closed my eyes. Picturing I was back at that play party I recently went to. Thinking about all the hot stuff going on. Imaging that I was participating. Strapped to the saint Andrew’s cross. Canned and fucked there in front of everyone. Sure enough, I came all over the my skirt. When I moved the Hitachi head again, he could see the dampness on my skirt.

Heaven: “You can cum now.”

Member: “Look at how wet you got your skirt. That’s unbelievably hot. I’m close. I can feel it building up. My head is twitching.”

Heaven: “I already said you could cum. Just do it.”

Member: “I just did. My fingers are covered in cum as I type. I can’t stop stroking. Rubbing my cum into my skin.”

Heaven: “You need to go clean yourself up. *Blows kiss* Until next time.”

And I disconnected our room.Masturbation-Monday-badge-small

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