My Snapshot25As soon as he came into my room, I knew what he wanted. Well, with a name that has foot_lover  – I’m sure you can guess what his kink is.

Foot_Lover: “You have a great smile and captivating eyes, but I want to see your feet. How much should I tip you?”

Heaven: “15 Tokens.”

*Ding* Foot_Lover has sent you 15 Tokens!

Foot_Lover: “Done. Let’s see those feet.”

I lifted my leg. Showing him the bottoms of my feet. Wiggling my toes at the screen. Extending and twirling my foot at him. Running my hands down my legs, feet, and between my toes.

Foot_Lover: “Oh, I love how your pinky toe curls behind your other toes. Your foot has a great shape. And those arches so so fucking sexy. How much for a private show?”

Heaven: “150 Tokens per minutes. I love my feet. I know you want to see just how much…”

Foot_Lover: “I need to know just how much.”

*Ding* Foot_lover has sent you 1500 Tokens.

Foot_Lover: “Take me to your private room, beautiful. I’m gonna cum on cam for you.”

Heaven: “You’re only gonna cum on cam if I say so. Understand?”

Foot_Lover: “Oh, I understand.

I set the room to private. Grabbed my lotion and nail polish setting them next to me.

Foot_Lover: “Show me your feet, again. Rub them. Use that lotion. God, how I wish I could do this for you.”

I squirted lotion into my hand. Ran my fingers over the top of my foot, between my toes, and onto the bottoms. Lathering them up so much that he could see the creaminess and hear the sounds.

Foot_Lover: “My cock is so fucking hard. Can you give foot jobs?”

Heaven: “I love giving foot jobs. I think I am good at it too. Wanna see?”

Foot_Lover: “More than you know.”

I reached over on my tray and grabbed my mirror and dildo with a suction cup. I stuck it to the mirror. Lotioned up both my feet and cupped my arches around that shaft.

Heaven: “Do you like that? Are you imaging that’s your cock I hold with my feet?”

Foot_Lover: “Yes. I’m gonna have to ask to cum if you keep that up.”

Heaven: “Oh no. It’s not time to cum yet.”

Foot_Lover: ” What color are your toe nails?”

Heaven: “I just so happen to have nude toe nails, right now. I usually do them purple.”

Foot_Lover: “Bare toe nails? We must change that. I want to see you paint them.”

Heaven: “Purple cool? I have it right here.”

Foot_Lover: “Purple is fine by me.”

I grabbed for a towel. Wiped away the lotion so my feet were dry. Cracked open the bottle and began to paint my toe nails. Blowing the first foot dry before moving onto the second foot. When I was done, I wiggled my toes at the screen for him to see.

Foot_Lover: “I wish I could lick between those toes. Rub my cock on them. Cum on them.”

Heaven: “I cum first.”

Foot_Lover: “Always. Show me how you make yourself cum.”

I reached for my Hitachi. Pushed it against my pussy. Pulled my nipples and waited for that orgasm to flood my body. It did. It always does with my Hitachi.

Foot_Lover: ” One more time.”

I nodded and pushed my Hitachi in close. It wasn’t long after that.

Foot_Lover: “Can I cum now?”

Heaven: “Yes. Cum for me.”

Foot_Lover: “I just had precum leak out. Won’t be long now. Let’s see those toes.”

I wiggled them at the screen.

Foot_Lover: “My cum just ran down the shaft of my cock and onto my balls as well as covering my hand. It’s so warm, thick, and creamy. Thank you for allow me to cum.”

Heaven: ” You earned it. Now go and clean yourself up.”



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